Three species of abalone call Oregon home, red abalone, pinto abalone, and flat abalone. Abalone are large edible sea snails that inhabit the rocky intertidal and nearshore kelp forests. These gastropods feed primarily on bull kelp and other algae. Abalone use their large single foot to latch onto rocks in areas with high wave energy. Abalone vary in size but many are between 4 and 12 inches in length. Due to many factors, Oregon’s abalone population shrank significantly and the recreational harvest of red abalone closed in 2018. There is no Commercial abalone fishery in Oregon due to the stock health. Abalone is protected by its flat dome-shaped shell that has three to four holes that are used for breathing as well as expelling waste, eggs, and sperm. Abalone shells like urchin tests are made up of calcium carbonate with the innermost layer being made of mother pearl and commonly used for jewelry making.