Kelp Forest Restoration Initiative


ORKA launched kelp forest restoration efforts in 2020, beginning at Nellie’s Cove, in Port Orford, Oregon. Since then, these efforts have expanded to other sites, including Macklyn Cove, and Haystack Rock (aka Chief Kiawanda rock) in Pacific City.

We are currently expanding these efforts to additional sites, and ecosystem based approaches, including bull kelp out planting and potentially, sunflower seastar reintroductions.

ORKA is building a community of Kelp Forest Defenders of divers of all kinds, and others seeking to work to promote the health of Oregon’s kelp forests. Join the Kelp forest Defenders to learn more about how you can get involved.

Who is involved?

Kelp Forest Defenders include divers of all types: sport divers, scientific divers, commercial divers, free divers, and others who help shore-side, and all working directly for healthy kelp forests in Oregon.

What are the impacted species?

bull kelp, sea urchins, sunflower sea stars